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About the Company

A software house built on brilliant people and bold ideas

We have been in the IT business for more than 27 years and have experienced many technologies that emerged in the industry. As part of our journey, we created a team of innovative tech experts and strategists to ensure that our clients will benefit from steady reliability and originality across solutions.

Our professionals work with clients from the insurance, financial, banking, public and private sectors across Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand to develop solutions which ensure that the best possible option is delivered. Gratex’s solutions automate and streamline your business operations, control your costs, speed up time to market and increase your bottom-line profitability.

In addition to our portfolio of business software solutions, we offer a range of professional and consulting services to ensure successful implementation, deployment, operation and administration of our technology within our customers’ business environment. We are not just software developers; we provide consultancy in processes, the assessment of implemented solutions and much more.

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