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Innovative solutions for the public sector belong to the core business of the company. Over the past decade, Gratex International has developed and implemented a variety of solutions for the public sector, including basic registers, their integration into public administration systems, searching and tracking systems and systems for providing electronic services (e-services).

The Gratex International team of experienced professionals also provides consulting services to ensure the successful implementation, deployment, operation and administration of solutions, as well as consulting in the field of public administration reform, national e-governance and e-government competence.

Gratex International is currently among the main implementers of e-government services in the Slovak Republic. The primary goals of most public sector projects that Gratex International is involved in are to develop core data and authorized sources of data, to integrate them into other public sector systems, to improve and automate public sector processes and activities, to reduce the time needed for the provision of services to the public and to create an environment for the provision of e-government services.

Social Insurance Company

Implemented the project focused on the Process management of long-term social insurance benefits.



Schengen Information System Recast

An upgraded version of the Schengen Information System II delivered for the Ministry of Interior, now providing real-time police data and intelligence from 30 European countries has gone live.

Energy Data Center

Provided expert services to IPESOFT, facilitating the adaptation to the new regulations in the energy market.



Social Insurance Company

The new user interface was launched for the Accident Insurance System.

Electronic Exchange of Social Security Information (EESSI)

Developed the National Application for the Social Insurance Agency, providing vital support for the exchange of social security data in pension insurance and premium collection.




Successfully developed and implemented a new user interface for Gratex's Insurance System.

Passenger Name Records (PNR)

Successfully implemented the Passenger Name Records (PNR) system, markedly improving travel security for air passengers.




Gratex delivered the platform for the State Institute of Vocational Education, which assists in career guidance and counselling in primary and secondary education.

Information System of the Natural Persons Identifier

The project implemented the new concept of personal identifiers into the information systems of public administration.



Second generation of the Schengen Information System (SIS II)

With Gratex support, the Slovak Republic carried out the switchover to more advanced version of the Schengen Information System.

Electronic services of Central Register (Matrika)

Information system for the Central Register records data associated with birth, marriage and death. The submission of requests available via electronic services.



International Police Cooperation

Integration with EUROPOL and INTERPOL supporting preventing and combating all forms of serious international crime and terrorism.


R&D project in partnership with the Faculty of Informatics and Information Technologies of the Slovak University of Technology.



Electronic services of the National Motor Vehicle Registry

Faster and cheaper proceeding of all administrative services for motor vehicles registration and other related activities.

Electronic services of the Central Residence Registration Office

Gratex was awarded the contract to implement a new information system that enables citizens to carry out all residence reporting operations via electronic services.



Electronic Identification Card (eID)

Partnership with Hewlett Packard, Gratex delivered an integrated system for the issuing of a new official electronic ID in the EU format.

Information system of the Registry of Natural Persons

As a cornerstone of Slovak e-government applications, Gratex delivered a Registry of Natural Persons to provide centralized management of identification data of residents, i.e. personal information, identification documents information, permanent and/or temporary address, nationality, family relationships, legal records …



Electronic services for vehicle registration certificate

The issuing of new electronic vehicle registration certificates and accessing of electronic services.

Central Screening Console

Efficient, fast and reliable united system interface for law enforcement institutions, which allows searches and the screening of persons and objects in all interconnected registries and databases via one request.



Joining the Schengen Area

The Slovak Republic successfully joined the Schengen Area with the support of our system.

Schengen Information System

The National Interface to the Schengen Information System implemented in partnership with Hewlett Packard.



Police Tracking Systems

Easier, faster and more effective searching and screening of firearms, vehicles, documents and wanted & missing persons.

Firearms Registry

Administrative and enforcement support in licensing of firearm owners/users, issuing of firearms registration documents, registration of all restricted or prohibited firearms.



Motor Vehicles Registry

Based on its GDFgov framework, Gratex delivered unified registry of motor vehicles to the Slovak Ministry of Interior, providing a platform for future e-services provided to businesses and individual owners.

National Personalization Center of the MoI

Commencement of the centralized production of documents in the ID-1 and ID-3 formats.



Personal Documents in EU format

A project supporting the full life cycle for the issuing of travel documents and driving licenses in the EU format launched.

Inhabitants Registry in Slovakia

The first enterprise-sized project for the Slovak Ministry of Interior implementing the new centralized registry of inhabitants in the Slovak Republic.



Ministry of Interior

Gratex was awarded first contract at the Slovak Ministry of Interior.

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