Portal linking student research with real-life challenges ready for a new school year

Bratislava (3.8.2017) The online application eDurope, which aims to directly link the knowledge and research potential of Slovak university students with companies, NGOs and the public sector, will launch a pilot operation at the Faculty of Law in Bratislava in September this year.

The eDurope portal created by Gratex International as part of the project “civic association” and with the support of the International Visegrad Fund, aims to directly link students and academics to external contractors (firms, non-governmental organizations and the public sector), adding value to students‘ education and improving employment opportunities for graduates.

Students and teachers at universities, according to Martin Neupauer of the civic association project.velvet, are a great resource for addressing problems that are left unsolved because an organisation doesn’t have the resources to address them. In addition, research and analysis can be expensive or difficult to source in Slovakia in the specific area. Another challenge for organisations is finding talented and capable employees. Collaboration with eDurope connects businesses, NGOs and the public sector with young, educated professionals before they enter the labor market, “ added Martin Neupauer.

eDurope is a project of civic association project.velvet and is supported by the International Visegrad Fund and Gratex Interntational.

About Gratex International:
With more than 25 years of experience, Gratex International is one of the leading providers of software development and IT services in the financial, telecom and public sector for clients in Europe, Asia and Australia.

About the civic association project.velvet:
project.velvet creates and implements projects aimed at making use of all available options to improve conditions for work, study, or life as such, by people who believe in ideas without frontiers and human rights.

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