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Custom Software Development

Unique solutions for businesses of all types and sizes based on modern technologies

Our team of experienced IT engineers develop powerful, one-of-a-kind software that is tailored to a client's specific needs.


Our team of agile tech experts support our clients at any point during the software development cycle. We will help you outperform your competition and turn your ideas into reality.


We offer full-cycle custom software development based on the perfect balance of cutting-edge and proven technologies. Our team will always try to come up with creative ways to ensure that you achieve your goal.


Our software development is provided by skilled experts with proven project experience using internationally recognised certification and education. Our portfolio, programme and project managers are able to take the best of methodologies such as PRINCE2, IPMA, PMI, P3O and Agile Scrum. The effective management of IT services is provided by certified ITIL experts. Our software architects provide an approach for designing, planning, implementing and governing an enterprise information technology architecture according TOGAF. The analysis team comprises of OMG UML certified members, but this team can provide also analyses according client’s needs. The development of our solutions is performed by holders of Oracle, Microsoft, IBM certificates but they are ready to cover broader portfolio of Open Source technologies. The design and deployment of HW and SW infrastructure, as well as security services are supported by experts certified in technologies like VMware, HPE, Microsoft, IBM, Linux, RED HAT, Cisco, Symantec, Altiris, Palo Alto Networks.


• Detailed analysis
• Solution design
• Implementation
• Testing
• Deployment
• Business continuity


As an extension of your business and a single point of contact for your IT needs, we will conduct a thorough analysis as a starting point for further steps.

We have extensive sector-specific knowledge and experience with businesses from various industries, most of all insurance, banking, risk management, as well as the public sector, IT and energy sectors.


The basis for designing any solution is a detailed analysis of client´s objectives and market rules and demands. We can design a solution based on our own analysis or analysis provided by you or a third party.


We implement our solutions to the very last line of code with full support and follow up. We also offer implementation of software solutions designed by other teams and collaboration on partial solutions.


We can provide external testing, audits or reviews of many kinds of software solutions on many technologies.


We are able to deploy our products in variety of environments. Ranging from physical installation on customer premises, cloud deployment to deployment in our private cloud environment as SaaS (Software as a Service). Regardless of customer’s choice we are always able to keep high standard of provided service.


Our developers are able to implement customer change requests thanks to high modularity, scaling, and the repeated usability of individual IT services. After successful deployment, we remain your active partner, offering further maintenance, support and development.

Business continuity is one of the most valued services provided by our software house. Not only can we design and implement software solutions but we have the capacity to deliver follow-up care to ensure that our solutions stay in top-notch condition for the long-run.

Incorporation of legal changes

Many businesses are affected by regulation and legal changes. Incorporating these in our solutions is natural and our industry knowledge can help also to understand the changes. Our team has the ability to make software and IT systems comply with relevant laws and legal changes.

Further development

Our software engineers offer continuous development work to improve design, usability, functionality, security and many other subsets within a software development life cycle.

Standard and non-standard SLAs

To ensure the trust of our clients and validate our commitment, we provide both standard and non-standard service legal agreements in order to help manage customer expectations and define the responsibilities of both parties.

24/7 customer support

If desired and required our customer support can be provided 24/7 including various time-zones.

Certified processes

Gratex International has its own certified software development processes as well as ISO certified processes. Our software house tries to adapt to the client´s preferred methodology, however, we always make an effort to propose the best possible approach.

Languages and Technologies

When working on projects for different industries and of different sizes, we always try to pick the right technologies and programming languages for the job. Following is a list of notable programming languages and those most commonly used by our development team.


is our primary language for application backends. Implementing business logic, web services, domain models and integrations based on the JEE or Spring framework is routine work for us. When using Java, we rely on thoroughly picked third party open source. We are good with Java for backend and business, and we use other tools for user interfaces.


with the dynamic and changing nature of projects, the Groovy language plays an important part in leaner development. Configurations, rule engines, workflows and custom DSLs written in Groovy replace a lot of previously static Java coding. This allows for faster development, quicker changes and even customer-performed adjustments.


our main user interface language. We rely on the Dojo framework and Angular for most projects, but we also use our own developed libraries and even full UI frameworks from the past. Today, we use JavaScript as well as Node.js on the server side to implement web servers, calculation engines, business intelligence backends and much more.


relational databases are far from dead. We still use heavy database core APIs on large enterprise projects, and our programmers have mastered Oracle’s PL/SQL on the cutting-edge level. Certified Oracle developers combined with our certified DBAs make us very confident that we will deliver the best quality solutions on Oracle databases.

Mongo DB

the rise of NoSQL and the usability of Mongo for specific types of missions initiated our Mongo development. More and more our projects use distributed and replicated Mongo databases. Our document modelling techniques maintain the high standard we learned during “relational times”, and we strive for auditability, security and performance. Mongo is used from both of our backend languages, Java and JavaScript, and we utilize most of the available features and have even implemented some extensions.

Containers, Docker and clouds

in the past few years we have acquired lot of skills and experience in containerized deployment and development. Today we develop new projects in fully containerized setups and deploy them to the public and on promise clouds. All are fully automated, following the best practices of CI and CD.


those mentioned above are our mainstream languages, but being a software house, we have much more available in the “tech zoo” and the “language Babylon”. Scripting in Bash, Lisp or JavaScript for internal tooling, using other JVM languages like Scala or making desktop apps in NW.js are only few of them. VBScript, C#, .NET platform, Oracle Forms and many others, once in demand on market, are still in the code bases of our running solutions, and we have developers capable of using them and modernizing this “legacy stack” into something newer.

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