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Market Ready Solutions

Designed by Gratex, driven by innovation and excellence

We convert our clients' strategies into comprehensive software systems and technology processes that optimize their business performance. Not only do we design and implement, but we run, maintain and evolve our solutions for years. Solutions designed by our experts have been proven by time and reliability. They have been successfully operating for years and have demonstrated their solid foundation and infrastructure which allows us to make custom alterations to fulfill the unique needs of our clients.

Customizable and Reliable Market Ready Solutions for your Business

If you want to be assured that you get it right, first time, our completed solutions are the optimal choice for your business. Our software house has a strong track record and has assisted many companies and institutions to streamline key processes, increase productivity and respond quickly to market changes.


• unite best practices with state of the art technical implementation,
• are the product of out of the box yet cost-effective thinking,
• comply with all international legal and technical requirements,
• are reliable and efficient - successfully in operation for many years.

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