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Let us manage your IT services so that you can focus on your business

As a skilled software house with more than 27 years of experience, we have seen, experienced and worked with many technologies. Our clients can leverage our tech expertise and extensive sector specific knowledge. Our solutions are based on the latest technologies and a cost-effective approach. The quality of our software engineering services stems from the innovative minds of our experts who think outside the box, as well as from their analytical knowledge and extensive research.

Ad-hoc or long-term projects? We have it covered.


• We design, deliver and implement custom solutions tailored to each client´s needs focusing on efficiency and practicality.


• We support, maintain, develop and modernize our solutions for the years to come.

We offer a full range of services


• From design, testing and implementation to long-term maintenance, support and further development. Solutions developed by our software house can be delivered as a full package or we can provide partial assistance in individual phases. We can cover analysis only, development only or all together. We provide development of our own systems as well contributing to systems developed by your IT or by another vendor.


• We provide modernization of systems delivered by us as well as other vendors. We have successfully upgraded several Oracle Forms systems to N tier architecture, transferred AIX machines to Linux, converted old MS apps to Java frameworks, rewritten terminal apps to web etc.


• We have successfully migrated large scale projects with 1000+ Oracle Forms screens to a new platform, with N layers. New technologies, a web based interface and a new business layer to keep the system more standard, more open and easier to expand. Not to mention that all migration process was performed in simultaneous production of old and new systems.

Give your business a competitive edge with customizable solutions designed by our software house

We have used our extensive sector-specific knowledge to develop solutions that can be easily customized and deployed into your business processes. The quality of our solutions stems from our technical and business expertise, analytical knowledge and extensive research.

Our Solutions:

• can be fully tailored,
• have been used by small and medium-sized companies as well as large enterprises,
• have been implemented by the private as well as the public sector,
• have been proven over time to be reliable and efficient,
• comply with legal and technical regulations.

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